Best Practices

Criterion 7.2 – Best Practices

Criterion 7.2.1

Describe at least two institutional best practices.

Best Practice I

Title: Environment Awareness among Students.

Goal: To create awareness about the environment in general and problems being generated by the modern lifestyle and their remedies.

Context: The students are sensitized for protection of environment by involving them in activities like plantation, quiz, practical solutions like, conservation of water by not wasting it during drinking and in toilets and laboratories, keeping lights and fans off when not in use, making the students aware about declining sex ratio due to activities like female foeticide and social problems like dowry, crime against women and sex discrimination, blood donation in camps and at the time of need. The main aim of the activities is to create a holistic environment for overall development of the students.

Implementation: To implement the above said initiatives the following activities are performed. The college holds DewanAnand Kumar Memorial State level quiz contest on environment every year. This practice is going on for the last 27 years. The college also organizes DewanAnand Kumar Memorial State level Chart and Poster Making competition on environment and rallies are organized against use of polythene bags and other environmental hazardous products. In the college the rain water harvesting systems have been installed to check the loss of rain water and recharge the ground water directly. N.S.S. volunteers of the college perform the activities like collecting road side polythene, cleaning roads and teach villagers to use smokeless fuel efficient chullahs. The students are advised and motivated to put off lights and switch off the fans when going out of class rooms and not to waste papers. In the college the plantation is done on the occasion of all the functions. After the plantation the plants are properly looked after by using tree guards. The students are also motivated and enlightened for conservation of water in the college as well as in their daily life. The Environment Club, Women Development Centre, Legal Literacy Cell and N.S.S. units of the college organize seminars, extension lectures, rallies and other awareness programs on the issues like declining sex ratio, female foeticide, crime against women and sex discrimination.

Evidence of Success: The efforts done by the college in the above said aspects produce the students who excel in all the fields of society. The students become the best citizens, administrators, business men, lawyers, doctors, engineers, judges, politicians, academicians and military personnels. All these efforts have been done to inculcate the responsibility of being the good citizens of India. The evidence of success of our efforts is provided by the standing of our students in all the fields of life and in different professions.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required: In the implementation of this noble practice, no problem is faced by the institution. However, the college gets overwhelming response from the students. The resources are generated by the college at its own and by funding from UGC, Ministry of Environment and Forest (Government of India), ICSSR and DHE, Haryana.

Best Practice II

Title:Blood Donation

Goal: To serve the suffering humanity, our students are guided and motivated to donate blood. Through this activity the energy of the students is channelized for social cause of communal harmony and participation in social activities.

Context: To inculcate the values of Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia for human service, benevolence and the national integration among the students, they are inspired for the activities like blood donation, adult literacy and social harmony.

Implementation: The Blood Donors’ Club of the college organizes the Blood Donation Camp every year. In the camp more than 150 units of blood is collected every year on September 9 to mark Founder’s Day. The college has given consent to the district administration regarding the donation of blood in emergencies. The donors are made available throughout the year whenever the college is contacted.

Evidence of Success: The success of this practice can be evaluated by the over whelming response of the students. Every year the number of donors is more than the arrangement of the District Administration for collection of blood. The number of units donated by the students is increasing year after year.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required: No problems are faced by the institution in the implementation of this noble cause. The funds required for the project are provided by the college itself.

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