Mathematics Association

President: Mrs. Sarita Ganotra                                                                  Vice President: Dr. Vivek Parkash

  1. Essay Competition was held on Aug 30,2016. Results were:
    • Dimple (B.Sc.  5th    Sem  N.M.)  1st  Position; Saachi Sikka (B.Sc. 3rd  Sem C.Sc) 2nd Position and Kritika (B.Sc. 5th  Sem N.M.) 3rd  Position.
  2. Quantitative Aptitude Cum Reasoning Test held on Sept 27,2016 for B.Sc. final year students. Results were:
  3. Rohit Maan (B.Sc. 5th Sem N.M.) 1st Position; Prachi (B.Sc. 5th  Sem C.Sc) 2nd Position and Shaleen (B.Sc. 5th  Sem C.Sc) 3rd  Position.
  4. Sudoku Competition held On Sept 14, 2016. Results were: Pinki Devi (B.Sc. 1st  Sem N.M.) 1st Position; kanika (B.Sc. 3rd  Sem C.Sc.) 2nd Position and Pooja (B.Sc N.M. 5th  Sem) 3rd  Position.
  5. Written Maths quiz was held in Oct 2016. Results were:
  • Arun (B.Sc. 5th Sem) 1st Position; Isha (B.Sc.5th Sem) 2nd Position and Prerna (B.Sc. 5th  Sem) 3rd  Position.
  • Aryan  (B.Sc.  3rd     Sem)  1st   Position;  Amit (B.Sc.3rd  Sem) 2nd Position and Simran (B.Sc. 3rd  Sem) 3rd  Position.
  • Ananya (B.Sc. 1st  Sem) 1st  Position; Sakshi (B.Sc.1st  Sem) 2nd Position and Meenakshi (B.Sc. 1st  Sem) 3rd  Position.
  1. Extension lecture was organized on Feb 13,2017.  Ms.Savita Bhatnager, Chairperson, Mathematics Dept, Punjab University, Chandigarh, was the Resource person for the lecture.
  1. Quiz  competition  was  held  on  held  on  March 10,2017. Results were:
  • Sakshi (B.Sc.  6th     Sem)  1st  Position;  Amit (B.Sc.4th  Sem), Arun (B.Sc. 6th  Sem), Simran (B.Sc. 4th   Sem) and Sakshi (B.Sc. 2nd   Sem) 2nd Position; Ananya Rana (B.Sc. 2nd  Sem) 3rd Position.
  1. Power point presentation cum annual function was held on March 18,2017. Results were:
  • Aditi and Nakul (B.Sc. 4th sem) 1st Position; Ganga (B.Sc. 4th Sem.) and kritika (B.C.A. 3rd)

2nd Position and Prerna (B.Sc. 6th Sem.) and Radhika (B.Sc. 4th Sem) 3rd  Position.

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