Dept. of Youth and Culture Affairs (DYCA) activities

Overall Incharge:

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma

Various activities and competitons were organised by the DYCA during the session 2016-17.

  1. Talent Search Competitions

Various events for the talent search competition were held from 5-9-2016 to 7-9-2016. The results of these competitions are as follows:

Event Position Name of Student Class Roll No. Incharge
Speech First Akanksha B.Sc. N.M. 5th  Sem. 143011 Dr. Ritu Sharma
Second Sahil Garg B.A. 3rd  Sem. 151001
Third Ankita Sindhu M.A. Eng. 1st  Sem. 164020
Singing First Avvni B.Com. 1st  Sem. 162308 Prof. Poonam Singla
Second Niharika M.Com. 1st Sem. 164405
Third Mayank B.Com. 1st  Sem. 162064
Dance First Manisha B.Com. 5th  Sem. 142038   Dr. S. P. Bhatti
Second Sumedha B.Sc. 1st  Sem. 163831
Third Sukhwinder B.Sc. 1st  Sem. 163639
Mono Acting First Aman Joshi B.A. 5th  Sem. 141727 Dr. Rajni Seth
Second Rohit Gumber B.Com. 1st  Sem. 162134
Third Akash Lodhi B.Com. 1st  Sem. 162116
Painting First Shailja B.Com. 3rd  Sem. 152371 Dr. Mukta Jain
Second Isha B.Sc. 5th  Sem. 143619
Third Sonal B.Com. 1st  Sem. 162013
Quiz First Parmeet B.Sc. 5th  Sem. 143016 Dr. Ritu Sharma
Second Shivam B.A. 5th  Sem. 141611
Third Rajan B.Sc. 3rd  Sem. 153089
    Poetical Symposium First Anubhav B.A. 5th  Sem. 151603     Dr. Ritu Sharma
Second Aishwarya B.Sc. 5th Sem. 143464
Third Jaideep Tuli B.Sc. 3rd  Sem. 153630
    Mimicry First Mandeep B.Com. 3rd  Sem. 152043     Dr. Rajni Seth
Second Aashu B.Sc. 5th  Sem. 143607
Third Arvind B.Sc. 5th  Sem. 143620
  1. Zonal Youth Festival

Fifty Five Students of our college participated in the Zonal Youth Festival of Kurukshetra University from 3rd to 5th October, 2016.

The Prize won in this event are as follows.

Western   Group   Song   (Recommended),   Classical Dance (Solo) (Recommended), Poetic Symposium (Recommended), Collage Making (Recommended), Group Song (Haryanvi) (Commended), Poster Making (Commended), Debate (Commended), and Quiz (Commended).

  1. Inter Zonal Youth Festival

All the recommended teams of our College at Zonal level  participated  in  the  Inter  Zonal  Youth  Festival of Kurukshetra University held at K.U. Campus from 9th  to  11th  Nov.  2016.  Manisha  Nagpal  of  B.Com. III (142038) and Anubhav Singh of B. A. III (141603) were 'commended' for classical dance and poetical symposium respectively.

  1. Debate, Declamation, Poetic, Symposium & Quiz

(Incharge: Dr. Ritu Sharma)

  1. Trophies won for poetical recitation at different colleges:

(i)   Anubhav  Singh  (B.A.  III)  and  Jaideep  Tuli  (B.Sc.

  1. II) won first prize and the trophy at D.N. Mahila Mahavidyalaya Kurukshetra on 16-02-2017 in the State Level poetical recitation competition.

(ii)  Anubhav Singh and Jaideep Tuli won Ist and 2nd Prize in the Hindi and Punjabi poetical recitation competition organised by MDSD College Ambala City on 10-03-2017. They won Chaman Lal Aggarwal memorial running trophy for their achievements.

(iii) Pratishtha (B.A. II) and Sahil Garg (B.A. II) won the Surya Swami Memorial running trophy for 'Sanskrit Shalok Uchcharan' Competition held at D.A.V. College for women Karnal on 11-03-2017.

(iv) Anubhav, Sahil Garg and Jaideep won the Ist, IInd & 3rd prize at he poetic recitation competition on 25-03-2017 at DS College organised by HERCOFED

  1. Science Quiz and Science Essay Writing:

Haryana State Council for Science and Technology organised Science Quiz at Govt. (PG) College, Karnal on 09-09-2016. Our team consisting of Prerna, Simran and Ritika qualified for the regional level Quiz. Distt. Level Science essay writing competition was organised at Govt. (PG) College, Karnal on 14-10-2016 in which Kashish Kamra (B.Sc. III), Divya Kapoor (B.Sc. II) and Muskan (B.Sc. II) qualified for the regional level competition.

III. Distt. Election office competitions:

(i)   Our College hosted the Distt. level Inter College Declamation Competition organised by Distt. Election office Karnal on 20-10-2016. Prathishta (B.A. II) of our college won the first prize in this competition. (ii)  Neha (B.Com. III) and Vishu (M.Com I) won 1st   & 2nd  prizes in the Mehndi competition held at Govt. College for women Karnal by Distt. Election office on 27-10-2016.

(iii) Archana Sharma (M.A. Hindi II) stood IIIrd   in the essay  writing  competition  held  on  25th   October, 2016 at GN Khalsa College by the Distt. Election office.

  1. IV. Declamation Competition:

(i)   Garima (B.Com III) and Mandeep Singh (B.Com II) won 1st and 3rd  prize in the state level declamation contest held at IGMMV Kaithal on 24-02-2017.

(ii)  Shivam  Kumar  (B.A.  III)  and  Garima  (B.Com  III) got   first   prize   in   English   Declamation/Debate held  at  D.A.V.  College  for  women  Karnal  on 11-03-2016.

  1. V. Power Point Competition:

Vasudha (B.Sc. III) and Kashish Kamra (B.Sc. III) participated in the power point competition on the topic 'Plant Biodiversity and conservation' held at D.A.V. College for Women Karnal and won the 2nd Prize.

  1. Fine arts activities (Incharge: Dr. Mukta Jain)

Various fine arts activities were organised by DYCA throughout the year to bring out the varied talents of the students. A brief account of these activities and their results is given as under:

  1. Matki Decoration Competition (24-08-2016). Results:

Ist       Archana      M.A. 3rd Sem.                  (154114)

2nd    Sonal          B.Com. 1st Sem.               (162013)

3rd     Tanvi           B.Com. 3rd Sem.              (152348)

  1. Flute Decoration Competition (24-08-2016). Results:



Mehak B.Com. 3rd Sem. (152133)
Shweta B.Com. 1st Sem. (162021)
Mukul B.Com. 1st Sem. (162557)


III. Jhula Making & Decoration Competition (24-08-2016). Results:

Srishti B.Sc. 3rd Sem. (153647)   2nd
Garima B.Com. 5th Sem. (142085) 3rd
Sunpreet B.Com. 5th Sem. (142065)   VI.



  1. IV. Rangoli Competition (08-02-2017). Results:

Ist       Bhawna       B.Com. 2nd Sem.              (162145)

Jaya             B.Com. 2nd Sem.              (162103)

2nd    Jyoti            B.Com. 6th Sem.              (142568) Yashika        B.Com. 6th Sem.              (142026)

3rd     Neha           B.Com. 6th Sem.              (142113)

Shefali         B.Com. 6th Sem.              (142147)

  1. V. Best out of waste Competition (08-02-2016). Results:

Ist       Anju            B.Sc. 6th Sem.                  (143634) Charu        B.Com. 6th Sem.              (142057) Ankita       B.Com. 4th Sem.              (152174)

Mehak (B.Com. 3rd Sem.), Sachi (B.Sc. 3rd Sem.) and Sarika (M.A. 3rd Sem.) participated in three competitions organised by Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Karnal on 30-

09-2016. Sachi got 1st  prize in Collage Making.

VII. Srishti, Bharat, Yashika, Shivani, Sarika, Prerna, Archana and Shruti participated in Rangoli Competition organised by KVADAV College for Women on 18-10-

  1. Team of Sarika and Prerna got third prize in the


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